Hi everyone,

We all hope you’ve had a great experience with this year’s David Suzuki Foundation Fall Family Challenge. Thanks to all participants in the activities over the four weeks as well as those who helped spread the word.  Don’t worry if you’re already beginning to miss the activities this month, dig up those pictures you took during the month and send it to Success.greensquad@gmail.com by October 18th at midnight for the chance win a $25 MEC gift card!


Last Week!

Hi everyone,

We hope everyone’s excited for our last challenge!

This week we’re taking a walk!

Here’s how to do it:


1)            Walk to school with your friends


2)            Organize a walking school bus and have a few adults leading groups of children to school either by bus or walking

* remember to get permission first

Have fun and remember you can still send us photos! Here are the rules if you’ve forgotten:


Enter for your chance to win a $25 gift card from MEC, so that you can pick your favourite gear for exploring the great outdoors this fall!

1.     Document either the process or result of the activity by taking a photo

2.     Send it over to us to enter the contest: success.greensquad@gmail.com

3.     Be creative!

For the final two challenges (Weeks 3 & 4), not only are we picking the most interesting of the entries from each week to share on our social media platform, the Challenger may win a $25 gift card from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)!


Have fun and happy walking!





2)組織一架 ”人造巴士“,由一到兩個成人扮演 “巴士司機”,帶領一組小孩一起走路或乘坐交通工具上學


1.       用手機或相機拍下您的活動的過程或結果

2.       發揮您的創意

3.       把照片發送到我們的電郵:success.greensquad@gmail.com

4.       您有機會贏得Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) 的25元禮品卡!



1.       用手機或相機拍下您的活動的過程或結果

2.       發揮您的創意

3.       把照片發送到我們的電郵:success.greensquad@gmail.com

4.       您有機會贏得Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) 的25元禮品卡!

Week 3!

Hello Fellow Challenger,

Can you believe that it’s already Week 3 of the David Suzuki Foundation’s Fall Family Challenge?

Thanks for making it halfway, and for those of you who need to catch up, it’s not too late to start! (Check out the first two challenges here: Week 1 & Week 2)

Read on to find out how you can win a Mountain Equipment Co-op gift card!



Week Three: Sprout your socks

Grab some old, no-longer-wearable socks and slip one over your shoe. Then head outside to your backyard or a park, and stomp around in the dirt and grass. Get the sock as dirty as you can. Then, take the sock off and put it in a plastic bag. Add a bit of water and seal the bag. Put the bag in a sunny place and check back every day. Soon you’ll see it sprout to life!


S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Green Squad (SGS)

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未有機會完成的,現在開始還為時未晚: 第一週挑戰 | 第二週挑戰





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Week 2: Draw your Imagination

Hi everyone!

We hope you all had a great time last week carrying our first challenge and be sure to send over your photos to us at success.greensquad@gmail.com to participate in our photo contest!

Just starting up? Don’t worry; it’s not too late to get out and explore an underwater ecosystem near you.


Imaging Biodiversity


  • paper and art supplies OR sidewalk and chalk
  • imagination


1) Explore your neighbourhood and imagine how it looked before your neighbourhood was built

2) Close your eyes and let your imagination run!

3) Draw and talk to others about your vision

Question: why is it important to have diversity in nature?

Hope y’all have fun doing this activity and remember to share your pictures. We have some great prizes to give ;)

第一週 | WEEK ONE!




上個星期六,士旦利公園生態協會(Stanley Park Ecology Society)的環境教育工作者帶領市民到公園內之水狸湖,幫助大小朋友探討在水狸湖 (Beaver Lake) 的水中生態系統,完成大衛鈴木基金會秋季挑戰大自然的第一項活動。


Week One: Explore an underwater world!

Week One of the Fall Family Challenge is all about finding our place in nature. We’ll take a closer look at ecosystems—those we’re a part of and those we often forget.

What to do

Using a can opener, remove both ends from the can, making sure there are no sharp edges. (Fold them down and cover with duct tape if there are.) Stretch the plastic wrap over one end of the can and fasten securely with duct tape. Your underwater viewer is now ready for exploring ecosystems in your favorite pond, river or stream.



大衛鈴木基金會創辦人Dr. David Suzuki 和 Dr. Tara Cullis-Suzuki 以及中僑互助會創會人之一的葉吳美琪的参與,令我們在 Stanley Park 的親近大自然活動生色不少。

挑戰活動由 2013 年 9 月 16 日開始四個星期,每週發出不同的挑戰、而第一個星期的活動已經展開!




Fall Family Challenge has been kicked off!

Thank you to everyone who showed up yesterday! We had a great time! Special thanks to partners of the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Green Squad (SGS), David Suzuki Foundation and Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES). We couldn’t have done it without you! 

The SGS had a great time, and we hope everyone else also enjoyed their time with us! We’re looking forward to our next adventure.

By the way, did anyone spot our special guest? Hint: he’s the co-founder of one of our partner organizations!

For those of you who couldn’t make it out yesterday, no worries. If you are a  Chinese-reader, please be sure to check out our coverage in MingPao and SingTao!

The Launch is Today!

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone’s as excited as we are, we can’t wait to meet everyone coming out to the DSF Fall Family Challenge Media launch at the nature house!




It looks like it’ll be a great day to do some underwater viewing. Who knows maybe we’ll have a special surprise ;)